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Yield Pubs

YieldPubs is the programmatic agency that will help you earn more from your inventory.

We are top proffesionals, kind and always at your disposal. That simple.

Earn more, start today !

We connect your properties to top demand sourses as DSPs, Exchanges, Networks and generate higher eCPMs. Start increasing your ad revenue in less than 24 hours !

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Easy setup

We take care of all processes with the demand partners – setup, optimization and payment. All you have to do is insert our ad tags in the source code of your property.

Boost your revenues

We focus on performance: We’ll optimize each ad request in order to increase your earnings

No strings

No exclusive contracts, no guaranteed traffic volumes, no fixed runtime. You decide on the amount of traffic that you provide to us for optimization at any time. There are no costs.

Premium ads

We’ll deliver ads only from premium sources and your users will love them! We care of user experience and our partners deliver only highly relevant ads!

NET45 Payment

We know how important is for you to be paid soon. Receive your earnings 45 days after the end of the month, via PayPal or wire transfer.

Control & brand safe

With us you you have the full control about who is advertising on your site or app. You can block your competitors or whole ad categories. We protect your brand.


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